Classic Cross Country Skiing

Whistler Olympic Park Skiing Family

Classic Skiing

Classic skiing is the traditional cross-country skiing technique which involves a “kick and glide” or “diagonal stride” in groomed tracks.  At Whistler Olympic Park all of our trails are groomed with tracks for classic skiing.


Temperatures are often around zero degrees Celsius or 32 deg. F at the Park which can make waxing a bit tricky and many skiers choose to use no-wax skis to remove the complication of waxing.  Our rental shop stocks high quality no-wax classic ski equipment.  If you’re a diehard waxing fan that likes to prepare your own equipment try skiing first thing in the morning after a clear night for the best conditions.  

Just Beginning?

If you are new to cross-country skiing Whistler Olympic Park offers great introductory programs and instruction to help you get the most out of your leisure time.  A great trail to start on is the Neverland trail that leaves right from the day lodge/rental shop and follows flat and forgiving terrain for 3.8 km.  The Neverland trail also provides an opportunity to explore the Olympic cross-country, biathlon, and ski jumping facilities.  Further afield the Top of the World trail has a great view and a small picnic shelter.  The Madeley Creek trail gives beginners a longer trek through beautiful west coast forest. 

Family Fun

Families will enjoy skiing with the kids and for young children our rental shop stocks child carriers so that you can pull your child around the trail in comfort. 

Dog Friendly Trails

For those that like to ski with their best friend we have a variety of dog friendly trails to explore.  

Advanced Skiers 

Advanced skiers will enjoy the Olympic competition trails and in particular the Olympic Cross-Country/Ski Jump Loop for some serious climbing and fun descents.  For those that love long rolling climbs and descents the Norwegian Woods trail and return on Madeley Creek Loop provide a great 15km loop.  Still want more? Try adding Porters Glide, Around the World, Brandywine View, and Inside Passage for some great classic cruising.


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