Corporate Facility Rentals

Inspire your group at a World-Class Olympic Sports Facility. The Whistler Sliding Centre and Whistler Olympic Park offer a variety of indoor and outdoor function spaces suitable for both large and small events, and everything in between. Our facilities give options for every type of event from reception galas to meetings, surrounded by incredible awe-inspiring beauty. Our sales team will help you determine an appropriate space based on your vision and your needs.

Enjoy cocktails and appetizers while you sit by the fire at the Whistler Olympic Park Day Lodge, or catch some professional sliding from the live feed in the Track Lodge at the Whistler Sliding Centre. Our sales team is happy to work with you to develop a program to suit your organization's goals.

For information on our group packages, corporate meetings and retreats, conferences, or receptions please contact us or call 604.964.0041.

Whistler Sliding Centre

A thrill of a lifetime!

Corporate and group sliding experiences can be tailored to your specific needs and could also include a private catered event to accompany your sliding experience. Challenge your group by sending them down the fastest track in the world in a bobsleigh with a professional pilot or on their own head first on a skeleton sled for an experience they will never forget! Click here to find out more about our team building activities.

Surrounded by stunning views of mountains and Whistler Village, the Whistler Sliding Centre boasts excellent rental spaces to host your group while taking in the excitement of the 1,450 metre track. Our staff can assist you in determining an appropriate space to suit your budget and your vision. 

To book or for further information, please click here.

Please find below a list of facilities for rent at the Whistler Sliding Centre:

  • Top Start House
  • Thunderbird Corner
  • Panoramic mountain and Whistler Village views
  • Track Lodge with signage and Olympic memorabilia
  • Short drive from Whistler Village
  • Parking onsite

Whistler Olympic Park

A mountain getaway.

Corporate and group activities can be tailored to your specific needs, including a private catered event to accompany your activities as needed. Inspire your group to feel like an Olympian while they learn the skills of rifle marksmanship with Biathlon or get their heart rates up with skate and classic cross-country ski lessons. Click here to find out more about our team building activities.

Located in the beautiful Callaghan Valley, Whistler Olympic Park has a number of unique facilities, amenities, programs, and activities to make any special occasion a memorable experience - winter or summer. Working with our staff, an appropriate space can be determined based on your vision and scope.

To book or for further information, please click here.

Please find below a list of facilities for rent at Whistler Olympic Park.

  • Day Lodge
  • Biathlon range
  • Cross-Country Ski stadium
  • Ski Jump stadium
  • Panoramic mountain views
  • Private setting
  • Onsite parking

Team Building Activities

Unique experiences for your group.

Looking for a unique team building activity? Investments in staff morale are becoming increasingly importance in today's workplace. Regardless of group size, the morale of your team members plays a significant role in your company's productivity levels and profitability. Our knowledgeable team has experience running corporate team building events and group activities your team will truly enjoy.

Click here to find our more about corporate team building or group activities with Whistler Sport Legacies.


  • Bobsleigh Ride Experience
  • Skeleton Slide Experience
  • Discover Biathlon
  • Biathlon Experience
  • Skate & Classic Cross-Country Ski Lessons
  • Snowshoeing & Tobogganing


Food and beverage services for every budget.

Whistler Sport Legacies is proud to partner with Whistler Cooks as our primary food and beverage provider for Whistler Olympic Park and recommended provider for the Whistler Sliding Centre and Whistler Athletes’ Centre. Whistler Cooks is an award winning off-site catering company, recognized for quality and leading initiatives with sustainability. Whistler Cooks professional food service team creates fully unique and customized dining experiences that highlight local, fresh fare from the fertile valleys around us. The menus can be tailored to fit your group's specific needs and budget.

For full menu options, please click here.


  • Buffets
  • Plated Meals
  • Reception Galas
  • Snacks & Refreshments
  • Boxed/Bagged Meals
  • Bar Service

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