Sport Events

As an active member in the development of sport in Canada, Whistler Sport Legacies offers facilities for hosting, training, and accommodating athletes. From local to regional and national to international, every sport and event is a priority to us. Let our professional team work with your organization to offer a world class event or training. 

For further information, please contact us or call 604.964.0041.

The following facilities are available for athlete use:

  • Whistler Sliding Centre
  • Whistler Olympic Park
  • Whistler Athletes' Centre

Whistler Sliding Centre

The Whistler Sliding Centre is home to the fastest sliding track in the world.

The Whistler Sliding Centre is located on Blackcomb Mountain and was the site of the Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton competitions for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

One of only 16 international competition sliding tracks in the world, the track is 1,450 meters in length and has seven starting points along the way down. It consists of 16 curves and 152 metres in elevation drop, the steepest in the world. A thin, two to five centimetre ice surface is produced and maintained by hand. Bobsleigh athletes will travel at speeds near 150 kilometres per hour, Luge athletes 140 kilometres per hour and Skeleton 135 kilometres per hour while reaching as much as 5 G’s of force.

To book track time or request further information, please contact us.

  • The sliding season at this facility runs from October - March
  • Elevation is 938 metres at top of track
  • Ammonia refrigeration system
  • Track shading and weather protection system
  • Maximum track slope is 20% at corner 2
  • Onsite parking

Whistler Olympic Park

As one of the largest Nordic recreation areas in North America, Whistler Olympic Park has so much to offer.

The Whistler Olympic Park is located in the Callaghan Valley about 20 kilometres south of Whistler Village and was the site of the Ski Jump, Nordic Combined, Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing competitions for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Cross-Country Competition Facility

The cross-country competition facility includes a 550 square metre technical building, 10 kilometres of competition trail in two distinct 5 kilometre loops and a 150 metre long stadium area.

Biathlon Competition Facility

The biathlon facility includes a 550 square metre technical building and 4 kilometres of competition trails.  The biathlon stadium and range consists of 30 lanes with a fully electronic target system and adjacent penalty loop.

Ski Jumping Competition Facility

The ski jumping facility includes the large hill and normal hill ski jumps, coaching stands, judges tower, chairlift and state of the art technical infrastructure including snowmaking, refrigeration, in run covers and mechanical grooming equipment.

To book or request further information, please contact us.

  • Receives upwards of 4 metres of snow on an annual basis
  • Elevation is 840 metres to 930 metres
  • Summer sports training and competitions available
  • Hiking and biking trails
  • Can accomodate towards 10,000 people per stadium
  • Onsite parking

Whistler Athlete's Centre

As an athlete or coach, you too can enjoy this 2010 Olympic Winter Games Legacy!

The Whistler Athletes’ Lodge and Townhouses were constructed to provide accommodation for teams visiting Whistler for training camps and competition events in both winter and summer.

Located in Cheakamus Crossing, Whistler’s newest neighborhood across the Highway from Function Junction. The Lodge features 80 rooms containing 174 beds and a brand new commercial kitchen and dining area for groups to enjoy home cooked meals. Fully accessible bathrooms are located on each floor, and are shared between two rooms.  Each floor of the Lodge has a common room perfect for relaxing, watching TV, or surfing the wireless connection, and common rooms are also available for rental to hold group meetings.

To make a booking or request further information please visit the Whistler Athlete's Centre website or contact us.

  • Free parking 100 m from the front door
  • Secured storage available in the Lodge basement
  • 15 km to Whistler Olympic Park / 9 km to the Whistler Sliding Centre
  • 4 km to Whistler Creekside / 8 km to Whistler Village
  • High Performance Centre, operated by CSI Pacific, available for carded athletes

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