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Experience firsthand the unparalleled venues Whistler Sport Legacies has to offer. Allow us to assist you in producing more inspiring and detailed coverage for your market. In order to qualify for assistance from Whistler Sport Legacies, members of the media must fulfill the following requirements:

  • All media must be on assignment, or have a proven track record of being published.
  • Ideally, media represent Whistler Sport Legacies key target markets.
  • Whistler Sport Legacies’ Media Visit Request Form below must be completed prior to assistance being offered.
  • Media agree to mention relevant Whistler Sport Legacies websites as applicable.

By submitting this Media Visit Request Form, the party listed above agrees to supply Whistler Sport Legacies with a copy and/or website link, of any publicity resulting from their visit.
The personal information that you provide to Whistler Sport Legacies will be used to help plan your media visit. We will not sell, rent, or share your information.

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