Sport Services

Whistler Sport Legacies recognizes that the race for sports excellence has no finish line. Sport Services is building on the legacies of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to become a key component of the Canadian Sports System.

Whistler Sport Services' priority is to support athletes and teams on their journey to the podium. Imagine a service that looks after every detail and is characterized by inspired service - our biggest goal is to find ways to make your life easier. Your sport support is invaluable, even more so when travelling and training.

Whistler Sport Legacies' Sport Services is an exclusive service dedicated to fulfilling the needs of athletes and teams.  The following Health & Wellness services are provided by our partners, all of whom are just a phone call away!


Health & Wellness

Athlete health and wellbeing builds the essential foundation for performance and sporting success. Training demands a lot from your body, putting it under all kinds of stressors. To perform consistently, give your mind, body, and soul the extra attention and maintenance it deserves. While staying at the lodge, let us organize wellbeing services for you. We have experts available in town for all your performance and training needs:

Sport Diet/Nutrition/Catering

A registered dietitian and trained chef available to you that specializes in meal planning and cooking for your specific dietary needs. Enjoy not having to go shopping, cooking or cleaning up your dishes, leaving more time to focus on training and optimal performance. Services offered: Catered meals, facilitated meals, group nutrition workshops, customized menus for sports teams/groups

Athlete Testing

Our programs can range from simple performance testing, to advanced drills applicable to all sports, to sport specific and position drills, and even testing and educational events – or any combination thereof.


Our physiotherapy partner is a centre of excellence in muskuloskeletal and sports rehabilitation. Therapists provide hands on one-to-one treatment and specialized training in Sports and Manipulative physiotherapy.

Registered Massage Therapy

Qualified RMT’s are committed to providing the highest quality of care whether your goal is maintaining good health, rehabilitating an injury, or treating a chronic condition.

Sports Hypnotist

Increasing self-confidence, coping with anxiety, phobias, pain management, ADHD, healing trauma

Sports Psychologist

Therapy based on a collaborative approach with clients who seek answers to the questions they face. Specializing in sports performance and trauma psychology. This process will involve a reduction in stress and an increase in coping skills.