Trail Biking

Whistler Olympic Park Trail Biking Family Summer

Bring your bicycles and explore the Olympic Park trails and pathways - including 6 km of paved trails and 40 km of unpaved ski trails and roadways.  Cycling at the Olympic Park is primarily on logging roads and wide double track ski trails.  We do not have an abundance of singletrack trails.

Dates Times Price Age
June 28-Aug 31, 2014  10am -4:30pm Free  All

Biathlon Trail

Biathlon Trail is a rollercoaster ride with some fabulous viewpoints along the way. Expect fast descents and short steep climbs.

Distance Duration Physical Difficulty Technical Difficulty Signage

 5 km

20 - 40 min



Madeley Loop 


From the Visitor Centre go left toward the cross-country stadium on the self guided interpretive trail

At the Biathlon stadium continue under the bridge at the far end of the Biathlon range

Stay left and follow the loop around, staying left the whole time

Return to Visitor Centre by following the self guided interpretive trail back

Madeley Creek Trail

Madeley Loop Trail follows one of our most popular cross-country ski routes. This trail is on rolling terrain in a beautiful coastal forest.

Distance Duration Physical Difficulty Technical Difficulty Signage

 6 km

30 min - 1.5 hr



Madeley Loop 


At the jumps turn right again and go under the bridge (150m)

Right again just past the bridge (500m)

Cross another bridge at the jumps turn right again and go under the bridge (750m)

At the bottom of the hill turn right onto Madeley Creek Loop trail

Once you have completed the loop return to the Visitor Centre using the same signs you followed 

Madeley Lake Trail

This trail climbs 160 metres for a rewarding view of the lake and beautiful alpine scenery. The return is a fast downhill roll with a couple of small climbs.

Distance Duration Physical Difficulty Technical Difficulty Signage

 17 km

1 - 2.5 hr





Follow directions to Madeley Creek Loop Trail 

Follow Madeley Creek Loop trail for approximately 1.5km and turn right onto Norwegian Woods Trail

Continue up to Madeley Lake

Return from Madeley Lake and turn right onto Madeley Road

Follow Madeley Road to Madeley Creek Loop trail.

Once you have completed the loop return to Whistler Olympic Park Visitor Centre by following the same route you took to depart   

Whistler Enduro

Challenge yourself with this local Classic.

Distance Duration Physical Difficulty Technical Difficulty Signage

 92 km

4 - 6 hr

Very Challenging


 From km 25


From Whistler village take the Valley Trail under Highway 99 toward Whistler Valley Golf Course.

From Whistler Golf Course parking lot follow Valley Trail south, through Alta Vista to Lakeside Park. 

Carry on past Wayside Park and Alpha Lake Park to Highway 99.

Cross Highway 99, enter Bayshores neighbourhood, follow the Valley Trail up Cheakamus Way, to Millars Pond Park.

From the south-east corner of Millars Pond Park take the Valley Trail south through the Spring Creek neighbourhood.

Follow the new Valley Trail to Cheakamus Crossing (2010 Athlete's Village) (Km 10)

Just before entrance to the Athletes' Village bear right on the road to basalt quarry. 

Follow this paved road south past the capped landfill site

On the south side of the capped landfill watch for the road on the right to "Jane Lakes". 

Directly at this road is the trailhead to 5 kilometers of new trail to the Cal-Cheak Recreation Site. 

After a couple of kilometers you will go through a series of tight switchbacks then cross a creek to a forestry road. 

Turn right, down the hill, to a bridge over the Cheakamus River. 

After the bridge, follow the trail until you can see Highway 99. 

Bear right and follow the road to Highway 99 and cross to the Callaghan Valley Forest Service Road. (Km 16)

Follow the Callaghan Valley Forest Service road to the 5 km marker and then to the Canadian Snowmobiles base. 

At this point veer right on the road that heads up the hill continue up the hill. (Km 21) 

You will come to a yellow gate where the road splits

Whistler Olympic Park signage begins. Pass the gate and take the right fork. 

Follow this trail until you reach the ski jump parking lot

Continue to the Visitor Centre following the self-guided interpretive trail.  (Km 25)

From the Visitor Centre complete the Madeley Lake Loop (Km 42)

Return to the Visitor Centre and retrace your route back to Whistler Village. (Finish!  Km 92)

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