TV & Film Location

Camera crew setting up beside mountain lake

Are you looking for a versatile filming location in a secluded mountain setting that is easily accessible for production logistics purposes? Whistler Olympic Park offers an impressive scope and diversity of locations, ideal for shooting movies, television commercials, still photo shoots and advertising campaigns—from small corporate productions to big feature films.

The Park is located in the Callaghan Valley about 20 kilometres south of Whistler Village, it is an active centre for cross-country skiing, biathlon, snowshoeing, ski jumping & more. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and wilderness, the venue features breathtaking valley and mountain range views. The venue features sport stadiums, vast and unique indoor and outdoor spaces in a true mountain setting.

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film equipment loaded onto snow vehicle

Filming locations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Panoramic mountain views
  • Forest & Trails
  • Winding roads
  • Paved & gravel parking lots
  • Day Lodge
  • Stadiums
  • Ski jump, Biathlon range
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Offices
  • Roof & walkways
  • Ramps & corridors
  • Concourse & concession areas

Plus many other unique locations

film equipment set up on snowy road in mountains

The venue is “film friendly” and can accommodate most sets and crew sizes. Experienced staff will work in close collaboration with scouts and production crews to ensure filming time is optimized. Spacious and secure parking for crews, equipment trucks and production vehicles is also available for filming taking place in other areas in Whistler. In addition, our venue provides ideal locations for movie wrap parties, product launches and special events!

Aerial View of whistler olympic center track

Whistler Sliding Centre

Whistler Sliding Centre is your ideal partner for your corporate function or event! With a variety of spaces and exciting activities, we will customize our services for your event vision and needs.

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