Summer Disc Golf

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This activity will be back in summer 2024

A disc golf free for all

Summer access to Whistler Olympic Park is free (yep, you read that right). Challenge your friends and family to a game of disc golf on Whistler Olympic Park's 9-hole course. Weave through forest and ski trails as you perfect your form – the player with the least throws wins.

  • Park & course access is free within operating hours.
  • Check in at the Day Lodge for more information and a course map.
  • Bring your own discs, or rent some at the Day Lodge (disc rental $5).
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Disc Golf Rules

  1. Players tee off from the tee area. Check that other golfers and park users are out of the way.
  2. The spot where your previous throw landed is called the “lie.” Your next throw should be taken within 1 foot of this spot. Any disc that lands above the ground (in a tree or bush) or out of bounds in an unplayable area can be thrown from an inbounds area closest to where the disc went out.
  3. When playing a hole, play “best disc” – the player closest to the basket throws first after teeing off.
  4. The player with the least number of throws on the previous hole tees off first on the next hole.
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After Your Game

  • Try one of the designated hiking routes
  • Visit our Day Lodge for drinks, snacks and souvenirs and more information about the Park
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Wildlife/Bear Aware & Safety

Do not disturb wildlife, stay away if you encounter a bear and never feed wildlife. Read more important information on wildlife/bear interactions at Whistler Olympic Park and general safety advice here.